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Narrative Generation Book

We Are The Narrative Generation

Our world is experiencing massive social disruption. The believability in the information, anecdotes, conversations and stories that help to inform our belief systems is at an all time low. In reaction, people and their communities are activating social movements of change galvanized by narrative. For narrative unifies and reflects the experiential perspective shared by millions – it is the shared truth that we experience together.

  • Discover the roots of narrative
  • Learn to respond or initiate narrative
  • Understand the impact of informational filter bubbles
  • Translate mass resistance into social action

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Too Many Stories, Not Enough Narrative

We explore more deeply the need for a unifying narrative. Applying a narrative to the stream of stories flying by helps us connect the various story lines to form a coherent image.

The New Journalism, Everyone’s a Storyteller

We observe how a new form of journalism challenges the trusted sources that people and organizations use to inform their individual or collective belief systems.

Narrative Initiators and Respondents

We explore the differences between narrative and storytelling. We also distinguished between narrative Initiators and Respondents and how they can exchange overlapping roles.

Learn How To Analyze Narrative

Our group was inspired by John Hagel but wanted to find practical ways to apply his ideas.

Transform Your World

Harness the power of the Narrative Generation today.

Narrative Generation Book

Connect With The Authors

Ann Annbadillo

Ann Badillo

Co-Author | Co-founder, The Narrative Project


Tim Donovan

Tim Donovan

Co-Author | Co-founder, The Narrative Project


Toby Trevarthen

Tobin Trevarthen

Co-Author | Co-founder, The Narrative Project


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"Narrative is the best way to keep your story unfolding and purposeful."

Gail TaylorFounder, MG Taylor & Tomorrow Makers

"Narrative Generation provides us with a simple but powerful framework to help us connect our stories to an organization’s purpose and strategy."

Peter CoughlanIndependent Consultant, Former Partner at IDEO

"Narrative is the glue that binds all stories. Narrative Generation is a wonderful guide to building narrative. I will be using this book with my consulting clients and my students."

Brandt WilliamsFounder, Made to Market; Partner, Zoo Labs

"This innovative work delivers critical insights into the forces that truly shift the actions and perceptions of groups and individuals."

Edward Santana, PhDChancellor's Office, Pacifica Graduate Instittue

"A powerful book on both discovering and re-inventing the narrative of your organization. Truly Storytelling 3.0"

C. BermanManaging Director, Charles Schwab

"A strong narrative has the power to cut through the everyday noise and deliver information and inspiration with intent. [...]"

Rob McLoughlinVP Consumer Insights, PopSugar

"With the perspective provided by this book, you can add an essential ingredient to the creative process of designing your own future."

Leon Segal, PhDLeon Segal, PhD, Founder, Innovationship LLC, former Director, IDEO Israel Innovation

"Millennials are looking for meaningful work. Narrative can help them find it."

Adam Smiley PoswolskyAuthor of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough

"Narrative eats story for breakfast. Narrative Generation gets you a seat at the table."

Todd JohnstonPrincipal, 8works Consulting

"Narrative is the power tool for ecosystem building."

Steven Van BelleghemPartner, Nexxworks

"In a world with shorter, more fragmented stories, Narrative Generation teaches us how to translate core values into ongoing communications with power, purpose and emotion."

Mike CourtneyCEO, Founder, Aperio Insights

"Impact Hub Oakland was delighted to host the first book swarm that produced this book. By building new narratives we have the potential to effect real change."

Konda MasonCo-Founder, CEO Impact Hub Oakland
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